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"Bree"- Mixed Media Painting

"Bree"- Mixed Media Painting

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  • Original mixed media painting by Waynesville, NC artist Carol Fetty
  • 20x20 inch gallery wrapped canvas with 1.5 inch sides
  • Materials: Acrylic and oil paint
  • Created 2023 
Experience the world of “Bree,” an exploration of strength and resolution, depicted through the gaze of a remarkable woman.

In this captivating portrait painting, a woman looks over her shoulder and catches the viewer’s eye out of the corner of her own. Her gaze is calm yet firm, a reflection of the meaning of her name, Irish for strong and resolute. She seems to know where she’s going and is firm in her direction. Her dark hair frames her face and grounds her, while the tranquil blue hues of her face capture her composure and inner strength.

What sets “Bree” apart from other portraits of inspiring women is Carol Fetty’s departure from realism with strategically placed bold golden brushstrokes on her head. These brushstrokes introduce an element of intrigue, suggesting a depth and complexity just below the surface in the woman’s mind. “Bree” is a woman who leads by example, who doesn’t rely on others approval to know she is on the right path and empowers you to follow her if you so choose. She is confident in herself and projects this quiet confidence in any space she inhabits.

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