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"Abstract in Orange" - Original Mixed Media Painting

"Abstract in Orange" - Original Mixed Media Painting

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  • Original mixed media painting by Waynesville, NC artist Carol Fetty
  • 24x18 inch gallery wrapped canvas with 1.5 inch sides
  • Materials: oil paint and cold wax
  • Created in 2024

“Abstract in Orange” is a dynamic exploration of color and form by Asheville artist Carol Fetty. This painting is a vibrant symphony of texture and line, pulsing with the energy and warmth of orange hues, with splashes of white and black cutting through the fiery tones to create a visual experience that’s at once invigorating and harmonious.

The interplay of geometric shapes and spontaneous strokes in this piece reflects the
freedom and creativity found in the heart of Asheville’s artistic community. It’s an ode to power and abstraction to evoke emotion and conversation, making it an ideal statement piece for any contemporary art collector or enthusiast.

With its bold color palette and compelling composition, “Abstract in Orange” is not just a painting, its a piece of Asheville’s cultural vibrancy brought to life on canvas. It’s reminiscent of a warm summer’s day in the Blue Ridge Mountains, offering the same dump of dopamine to the brain that a hiker can attain from jumping into the Pigeon
River after miles on the trail. It’s perfect for those seeking to infuse their space with the
spirited energy of modern abstract art.

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