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"Captivated"- Original Mixed Media Painting

"Captivated"- Original Mixed Media Painting

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  • Original mixed media painting by Waynesville, NC artist Carol Fetty
  • 16x20 inch gallery wrapped canvas with 1.5 inch sides
  • Materials: Acrylic and oil paint
  • Created 2023
Immerse yourself in the world of “Captivated,” a mesmerizing portrait painting of a woman frozen in time spellbound, the outside world merely muted background noise.

Carol Fetty brilliantly utilizes color to create a contrast between the woman’s exterior and interior experience. Around the woman, the world is depicted with still and tranquil blue tones while confident gold brush strokes represent the neurotransmitters lighting up her mind and spirit. The subject of the woman’s interest is unclear allowing the viewer to project their own interests into this woman’s head. She could be thinking about anything, but she is clearly in an elusive flow state, completely focused and in the zone, glowing from the positive experience.

With “Captivated” Carol Fetty reminds us that we need to slow down and make time for our inner lives despite our demanding modern-day schedules, the reward to doing so is a small taste of enlightenment. Though the magic of the flow state is elusive, “Captivated” shows us that the first step to getting there is quieting the noise so you are free to get lost in your rich internal world.

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