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"Charlotte" - Original Mixed Media Painting

"Charlotte" - Original Mixed Media Painting

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  • Original artwork by Carol Fetty
  • 24x30 inch gallery wrapped canvas with 1.5 inch sides
  • Materials: Collage, acrylic paint, and oil paint. 

Introducing "Charlotte," a captivating portrait painting that embraces the essence of self-discovery and purpose, inspired by the timeless wisdom of Mark Twain. Echoing his profound words, "The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why," this artwork captures a moment of introspection and revelation.

"Charlotte" unveils a woman lost in contemplation, her gaze directed downward as if peering into the depths of her own soul. The flowing cascade of her hair mirrors the fluidity of thought, each strand a metaphor for the intricacies of her journey. The color, reminiscent of both the golden rays of dawn and the fires of determination, serves as a visual representation of the quest for purpose and meaning.

See this painting at the Asheville Gallery of Art

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