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"Gold Series 3" - Original Mixed Media Painting

"Gold Series 3" - Original Mixed Media Painting

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  • Original mixed media painting by Waynesville, NC artist Carol Fetty
  • 16x20 inch gallery wrapped canvas with 1.5 inch sides
  • Materials: charcoal, acrylic, oil and 24K gold leaf
  • Created in 2024

“Gold Series 3” is a stunning portrayal of elegance and poise, the third installment in the narrative Gold Series by Asheville multimedia artist Carol Fetty.

This original painting presents a woman from behind, her poised stature accentuated by a striking black garment with dripping gold details cascading down her back. The
woman’s hair is swept onto her head, and her hands touch her neck, attempting to
alleviate the tension in her tired muscles.

This painting symbolizes that we carry the scars of our past battles into the future, but
much like the Japanese practice of Kintsugi, the art of repairing broken things with gold, this woman’s graceful overcoming of her battles will arm her with the strength to face anything the future holds.

The contrast of the rich textured gold against the soft monochromatic backdrop
highlights the artist’s skillful play with color and medium, reflecting the signature
creativity of Asheville’s art scene. This painting is a sophisticated choice for art
collectors who appreciate the blend of classical beauty with a modern twist.

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