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"Golden Dream" - Original Mixed Media Painting

"Golden Dream" - Original Mixed Media Painting

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  • Original mixed media painting by Waynesville, NC artist Carol Fetty
  • 12x12 inch gallery wrapped canvas with 1.5 inch sides
  • Materials: Acrylic and Oils
  • Created in 2023

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of “Golden Dream,” a captivating mixed media artwork that transcends the ordinary and transports you to a world of subtle enchantment. This floral painting is a masterful portrayal of a moonlit night, in all its hues, where a modest golden vase cradles delicate blooms, and the moon influences the entire scene as the only source of light.

In “Golden Dream” the full moon represents the culmination of positive energy after a phase of hard work and effort. Carol Fetty’s meticulous line work connects each aspect of this painting with a fine gold thread, symbolizing our interconnectedness with the moon and the delicate balance between reality and imagination. The charged energy on a full moon is palpable, and Carol Fetty has masterfully translated this to canvas.
The visual juxtaposition created by not only the complementary color palette but also by the patchwork of colors and shapes next to the organic form of the flowers creates a sense of harmony and mystique that begs to be contemplated. With “Golden Dream” any space can be transformed to a sanctuary of quiet thought reminding us all to slow down and appreciate the stillness of night and phases of the moon. After all, like the moon, we too go through phases.

See this painting at the Asheville Gallery of Art

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