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"Transformation" - Original Mixed Media Painting

"Transformation" - Original Mixed Media Painting

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  • 20x20 inch gallery wrapped canvas with 1.5 inch sides
  • Original artwork by North Carolina painter Carol Fetty
  • Materials: spray paint, ink, oil paint, acrylic paint

Embark on a journey of personal growth and self-belief with "Transformation," this painting beautifully captures the essence of blooming into one's full potential, set against a backdrop of vibrant sunflowers and a contrasting purple canvas.

"Transformation" portrays the vibrant sunflowers in a glass vase, each petal reaching toward the light—a symbol of the upward trajectory of personal growth. Against the rich purple background, the sunflowers stand out as beacons of hope and self-belief. One sunflower has fallen from the vase, its presence on the gray table signifying the journey of stepping outside comfort zones.

This artwork encapsulates the beautiful evolution of the self, where belief in one's abilities is the catalyst for change. Carol Fetty's artistic mastery shines through as she portrays the delicate balance between resilience and vulnerability, capturing the process of growth with grace.

Elevate your surroundings with the empowering narrative of "Transformation," a painting that celebrates the beauty of personal evolution.

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